The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home            

In an earlier post I discussed an overlooked aspect of home stress that is having a clean home. In this post, I will expand further on the benefits of having a clean home. While all these benefits may not apply to you, but even if you can gain a few of these benefits it will help lower the stress in your life and improve your overall mental health. In the sections below, I will list what I think are the primary benefits of a clean home.

A Clean and Tidy Home Will Make You More Productive at Home

            Productivity, productivity, productivity – I’m sure you’ve heard this word plenty at work and the mere mention of it probably makes you stressed. However, when I say you’ll be more productive at home, I don’t mean you’ll end up doing more work (although you could if you want to). What I mean here is that you’ll be more efficient in doing the things you need to do at home so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy or just rest. For example, having your kitchen clean and tidy will greatly increase the efficiency of your cooking because you won’t need to clear counter space, or wash pots that you need to use, etc. By having more time to do the things you like, you’ll have more fun and less stress overall.

A Clean Home Reduces the Chance You Will Become Ill

            A home that is left unclean will have many microbes on various surfaces that can cause illnesses. Now you may ask, “What does physical health have to do with mental health?” and to that I say a lot. An old proverb states that a strong mind can only exist in a healthy body and to me truer words have never been said. Being ill often makes you feel lethargic and usually this causes you to fall behind on the things you need to do, adding more stress to your life. Also, a serious illness can greatly affect your psyche possibly even causing depression. There is also the issue of an illness in the family causes everyone else to have increased responsibilities increasing their stress levels also. That is why it is important to keep a clean home to minimize the chance of contracting an illness.

A Clean Home Reduces the Amount of Irritating Factors in Your Home

I think we’ve all felt disgust when encountering something very ugly or smelt a really offensive smell. It is often a very visceral and immediate reaction that we can’t control and it can even change our moods. Now imagine encountering these offensive sights and smells in your home. While you might be able to tolerate it, it can still cause you to become more irritable and more likely to lose patience with your family members. This obviously can lead to increased conflicts and more stress in the household. Conversely, a clean, tidy, and pleasant smelling home fosters feelings of comfort and reduces stress levels.